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Cigars Choice – Reviews Of The Best In The Cigar World

May 3, 2013 in

Cigars Choice was formed to provide information to cigar lovers on the various types of cigars that are available and to look into the various accessories that available for cigars. Cigars are very famous and though the number of people who smoke cigar is considerable less than the ones who smoke cigarettes, there is a fan base for cigar that is growing. Cigars were made famous by the movies and you will get to see a lot of characters on screen smoking cigars. Cigars Choice is a website that is looking to provide information about cigars and is in no way trying to promote the smoking of cigars.

A cigar is dried, fermented tobacco that is tightly rolled into a bundle. A cigar is similar to cigarette where one side is ignited and smoke is drawn in through the other side. The construction of a cigar is different to cigarettes and so is the tobacco that is used in them. Cigar tobacco is largely grown in Brazil, Cameroon, Eastern United States, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Mexico and Indonesia. The word ‘cigar’ is from the Spanish word ‘cigarro’ and the English word came into use in 1730. The cigar industry is dominated by two firms, Altadis and Swedish Match and they account for most of the cigars that are sold across the world.

A cigar will have three different types of tobacco leaves and the variation in the composition of the three types is what changes the flavor and smoking characteristics of the cigars. The wrapper is also made out of tobacco leaves and also has an influence on the flavor of the cigar. The shades of the wrapper are generally used to describe the cigar and there are over 100 wrapper shades that have been identified by the cigar manufacturers. The size and shape of the cigar is used to categorize the cigars and the size of the cigar is measured using two dimensions, the length and the ring gauge.

Cigars Choice has detailed information about the type of cigars, the composition of the cigars and also about the cigar accessories that one can find in the market. We would like to reiterate the fact that the site is only an information website and is in no way promoting smoking. 

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